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Permaseal have the largest range of automotive gaskets in Australasia, boasting over 1400 listings covering over 800 engines. Our range is constantly evolving and expanding to meet the ever changing vehicle market.

In recent years we have identified that customers need a hassle free way to order some of our faster moving components, so we have developed kits for the more popular engines. With ease of ordering and a financial saving over buying the components individually, these have become extremely popular with our customers.

A few examples are highlighted here.

Cambelt Oil Seal Kits

Contains all of the oil seals required when changing the cambelt.
Typical contents:
  • Camshaft seals
  • Front crankshaft seal
  • Oil pump seal
  • Balance shaft seal

Rocker cover kit

Contains all of the gaskets required on the rocker cover.
Typical contents:
  • Rocker cover gasket
  • Spark plug seals
  • Cam plug
  • Rocker cover washers
  • Oil filler seal

Turbo Gasket Kits

Contains all of the gaskets needed to rebuild the turbocharger.
Typical contents:
  • Turbo inlet gasket
  • Turbo outlet gasket
  • Oil feed gaskets
  • Air intake gasket