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Permaseal MLS-R Performance Gaskets
High Performance Head gaskets & Turbo gaskets for engines with Attitude!
Three Bond are leaders in the field of automotive chemical maintenance products manufacturing an extensive range of sealants, inhibitors, adhesives and locking agents.
Transmission, Diff and Carb Gaskets
Carb base gaskets for popular carburetters, an Extensive range of Automatic Transmission Pan Gaskets and Popular Differential Housing Gaskets.
Material Packs
We carry a wide range of non-asbestos gasket materials in a variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses.
Exhaust Flange Gaskets
Large range of exhaust flange gaskets & rings
Smart-O Drain Plugs & Washers
The Intelligent Drain Plug
High Temperature
Thermal shielding products
Evans Waterless Engine Coolants
Revolutionary Engine Cooling
Identification Tags
Suitable for recording job numbers on components.
Brass Shim Assortment
Selection of Brass Shim sheets in varying thicknesses.
Dorman Products
A range of hardware parts for a large range of vehicles.
DBA Brakes
DBA rotors and pads offer a high quality, safety orientated, performance upgrade, designed for a wide range of vehicle applications.  All DBA disc brake rotors and brake pads are direct replacement, meaning no modification is required to your vehicle.
Goss Fuel Pumps
Mechanical and electric fuel pumps and modules in the Goss range are direct fit for applications, rather than a one size fits all approach. With a great range of over 500 pumps available, including universal pumps, all products match OE for performance and fitment with a 2 year, 40,000Km guarantee.
Goss Chemicals
Goss have been stocking these extremely handy chemicals since the 1950’s and they should form part of any mechanics or ‘do it yourself’ handyman’s tool kit.
Goss Hoses
All Goss hose is made to applicable international SAE specification, ensuring durability and reliability. Our hose categories include fuel and emission hose, heater hose, fuel injection hose, transmission cooler hose, power brake vacuum hose and power steering return hose.
Goss & OEM EGR Coolers
Our range of Goss and OEM EGR coolers to suit many common makes and models. Goss have re-engineered the EGR cooler and developed a new manufacturing process to produce a product which is less prone to cracking and leakage.  Internal tubes are manufactured from stainless steel for longevity and are TIG welded to laser cut plates isolating the coolant from the exhaust. This new design cools the exhaust gases more efficiently than the original design. Also helping to prevent a buildup of carbon that would usually diminish the effectiveness of the system.
Goss Sensors
Goss Universal Oxygen Sensors