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Cellulose Fibre material with Styrene Butadiene binder. General purpose gasket material suitable for sealing water, oil and fuel where bolt loading, temperatures and pressures are low. i.e.: thermostats, timing cover gaskets water, fuel and oil pumps. Colour: Black
Perforated steel reinforced fibre facing material. Suitable for applications where temperatures are high and change rapidly such as exhaust manifolds.
S-207 is a cellulose fiber gasket material with controlled-swell styrene butadiene rubber binder. It is a suitable replacement for asbestos fiber gasket materials, saturated papers, and is used in many oil and coolant applications in the aftermarket. It is intended for use in applications with short duration maximum temperatures up to 180ºC
Cork Rubber
High quality Cork Rubber. Suitable for rocker covers, oil pans, etc.
Reinforced Cellulose with fully cured Nitrile Butadiene binder. N8094 is an economical material exhibiting very good crush resistance at high flange pressures. Recommended for sealing oil, fuels and water below 180º C (350º F). Colour: Grey
Cellulose fibre impregnated with plasticised gelatine. General purpose gasket material suitable for fuel, oil and coolant up to 120º. Colour: Brown
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