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About NZ Gaskets

NZ Gaskets Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of AA Gaskets Pty. Limited.

Together NZ Gaskets and AA Gaskets manufacture, market and distribute the Permaseal brand of automotive gaskets throughout Australasia.

Our main plant and head office is located in Campbellfield, Victoria, Australia. Occupying an area of 5,016 square meters and employing highly trained staff, the company has in place many specialised machines, including high capacity, computerised presses, guillotines, material manufacturing machines and packaging equipment. Many of these machines are fully automatic, enabling minimum labour costs, long production runs, and high productivity levels. This gives us the opportunity to produce consistently high quality gaskets at world-competitive prices.

Gasket materials are identified at the design stage, and are sourced from the world's leading material manufacturers. Only the best quality materials are procured, and our production planning operations ensure that maximum utilisation takes place, with an absolute minimum of waste material.

All of the processes involved in the manufacture of our high quality automotive gaskets, are controlled by the quality management system, AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008. Continual improvement and up-dating on this standard is occurring as we implement the necessary controls required for production levels to meet worldwide demand.

Our New Zealand operation is located in Avondale, Auckland. While the bulk of our cut gaskets are produced in the Campbellfield factory our Avondale factory still manufactures many thousands of sundry gaskets and gasket sets per month. In addition to our own substantial manufacturing capabilities we have access to some of the leading gasket manufacturing companies in Europe and Japan.

NZ Gaskets Limited is totally committed to providing a service to the automotive industry that is second to none. While we may not always be the cheapest we offer a quality product at a fair price. From the selection of materials used in the manufacturing of our gaskets through to the components procured from our suppliers, every component in a Permaseal gasket set must meet our high standards of quality and reliability.

The Permaseal range of gaskets and seals is the most comprehensive in Australasia and it continues to expand every month to meet the demands of New Zealand’s ever changing vehicle market.