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NZ Gaskets are the official agent for ThreeBond products in New Zealand.

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In 1955 ThreeBond produced its first “Liquid Gasket”. More correctly known as a “Formed In Place Gasket” (FIPG), ThreeBond pioneered the use of robots for the automated application of liquid gaskets on the production lines of the worlds auto makers.

Today ThreeBond are the market leaders with their products specified by many leading auto manufacturers. ThreeBond offer a comprehensive range of specialized chemical sealing solutions which include pre-applied thread adhesives, bonding resins, corrosion inhibitors, locking agents and sealers.

Many RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) Silicones rely on the evaporation of Acetic Acid to cure. Acetic acid, that vinegar like smell, can cause corrosion to the components inside the engine and the vapors produced as these silicones cure can cause serious damage to the sensors used in modern engines particularly the oxygen sensors.

ThreeBond RTV Silicones contain no acetic acid making them both non corrosive and totally sensor safe.